What is RHeaNA?

The Refugee Health Network of Australia (RHeaNA) is a network of health and community professionals who share an interest and/or expertise in refugee health. The Network draws members from every Australian State and Territory. RHeaNA was formed in 2009 in recognition that the health needs of people of refugee backgrounds are complex, and cut across all disciplines of medicine. The Network has a multidisciplinary focus and includes clinicians (medical practitioners, nurses and mental health workers), policy experts, health service managers and researchers. Many RHeaNA members work in primary health care, however, the Network draws on the expertise of specialists in the field of mental health, infectious disease, paediatrics and public health. For more information about RHeaNA see:  C. Phillips, M. M. Smith, M. Kay and S. Casey (2011). The Refugee Health Network of Australia: towards national collaboration on health care for refugees. Medical Journal of Australia, August, 195(4) 185:186.

RHeaNA aims to:

•   inform and support quality holistic health care for refugees in Australia

•   provide informed advice on current and emerging issues in refugee health in Australia; including to policy-makers at Commonwealth and State/Territory level

•   support the exchange of information between providers of refugee health care across Australia and other relevant stakeholders,

•   develop a national research agenda for refugee health, promote and facilitate research in this field and help disseminate research findings.

RHeaNA contact in your State/Territory:

ACT: act@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

New South Wales: nsw@refugeehealthaustralia.org

Northern Territory: nt@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

Queensland: queensland@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

South Australia: sa@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

Tasmania: tasmania@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

Victoria: victoria@refugeehealthaustralia.org 

Western Australia: wa@refugeehealthaustralia.org 


Links to local refugee health network websites

ACT — Companion House: www.companionhouse.org.au/cms/

NSW — Refugee Health Service: www.refugeehealth.org.au

SA — Refugee Health Network: www.sarhn.org.au 

Queensland — Refugee Health Network Queensland: www.refugeehealthnetworkqld.org.au

Victorian — Refugee Health Network: www.refugeehealthnetwork.org.au

WA — Humanitarian Entrant Health Service: www.health.wa.gov.au/acc/hehs/index.cfm

WA — Child and Adolescent Refugee Health Clinic: http://refugeehealthnetwork.org.au/refugee-health-paediatric-clinic-in-wa-brochure

Other articles and information about refugee health

Immigrant Health Service, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne:

Refugee health research clearinghouse:

New South



Northern Territory